TinHat is distributed as ISO images for i686 and amd64 architectures. It is recommended that you burn the image and boot from CD since this method has been well tested. Beware, it takes about 5 minutes to boot because uncompressing the squashfs file system form CD and copying it into tmpfs in RAM is limited by the speed of your CD-ROM reader.

For the adventurous, we also provide a script for transferring the ISO image to a bootable pen drive. This is meant for more advanced users because IF YOU CHOOSE THE WRONG DRIVE,YOU WILL TRASH YOUR SYSTEM. So, while booting off of pen drive is faster (about 2 minutes), we still recommend booting from CD.

The following are detailed steps to get TinHat up and running. Any of these steps are optional (maybe you don't want sound or printing), but the last four are more optional than the others.