This release switches the toolchain to Gentoo's hardened-dev overlay which includes all of the hardening features of the previous release in the compiler specs rather than in make.conf. The current toolchain is comprised of binutils-2.18-r3, glibc-2.9_p20081201-r4, and gcc-4.4.1-r2. The kernel was held at the same version as the previous release.

Approximately 125 packages were updated to sync upstream with Gentoo. The following links are the full list of updated packages from the previous release: amd64 and i686. The more noteworthy updates are

  • bash-4.0_p28 from bash-3.2_p39
  • coreutils-7.4 from coreutils-7.1
  • db-4.7.25_p4 from db-4.5.20_p2-r1 and db-4.6.21_p4
  • epiphany-2.26.3-r1 from epiphany-2.24.3-r10
  • file-5.03 from file-4.23
  • gcc-4.4.1-r2 from gcc-4.3.3-r2
  • gtk+-2.16.6 from gtk+-2.14.7-r2
  • mozilla-firefox-3.0.14 from mozilla-firefox-3.0.11
  • python-2.6.2-r1 from python-2.5.4-r3
  • readline-6.0_p3 from readline-5.2_p13
  • unzip-6.0-r1 from unzip-5.52-r2
  • zip-3.0 from zip-2.32-r1