This release adds major feature improvements in addition to syncing upstream with Gentoo.

  • The boot process was cleaned up:
    • initrd was replaced with intramfs
    • busybox was downgraded to 1.7.4 and statically compiled against uClibc
    • mdev is used to dynamically populate /dev rather than statically populating with MAKEDEV
    • initramfs's init was improved to better locate the squashfs filesystem
  • The build scripts were cleaned up so that "building a new release" and "saving a running system to ISO" are the same process. Tin Hat is no longer built from VMware templates, but from a running system purely in RAM.
  • The iso2usb.sh scripts were stabilized. Booting from pen drive now uses syslinux rather than grub.
  • Over 50 packages upgraded to sync with Gentoo Kernel is now hardened 2.6.25-r11.
  • Some theme changes to gdm and home directory.