About Us

Anthony G. Basile received a B.Sc. from Brock Univserity in 1986, a M.Sc. from The University of Guelph in 1988 and a Ph.D. in Theoretical Solid State Physics from Cornell in 1991. He took a position as a postdoctoral fellow in Chemistry at McMaster University in 1992 before coming to D'Youville College in 1995. He has been the chair of the Information Technology Department since 2001. His early work at Guelph and Cornell concentrated on developing novel numerical methods for solving quantum mechanics problems arising from issues in solid state Physics. At McMaster, he continued developing numerical methods but shifted from solid state to related problems in molecular collisions in Chemistry.

With his years of pushing computer technology to its limits, he brings a unique perspective to the Information Technology Department at D'Youville. Dr Basile's current interest concentrate on developing high security Operating System environments which are resistant to various penetration and forensic techniques.

Curriculum Vitae

Melissa Carlson was a Junior in the Information Technology Department at D'Youville College in 2008. She also helped with Tin Hat by working on the initial documentation and themes. She hacked up the xml for the gnome desktop greeter (GDM), the desktop itself (gtkrc, nautilus and friends) and worked on the Grey Mist icons.
Peter Kempton exists. And does art. Digitally.
Devan Franchini is working on his degree in the Information Technology program at D'youville college under the guidance of the "walking manual" Anthony Basile. A Senior in the Spring of 2015, he has taken on multiple projects alongside Anthony Basile including maintenance of the Gentoo tool webapp-config.
He strives to do his best to contribute to the open source community that has given so much to him. His contributions to TinHat are maintenance of the Operating System, creation of the build scripts which help to make the building of TinHat easier, migrating TinHat from opensource.dyc.edu to tinhat.sourceforge.net, and creating creating backgrounds for the themes. He also finds talking about himself in the third person to be extremely awkward and uncomfortable.
Johnathan Nichols graduated from Erie Community College in 2007 with a associate degree in business while also obtaining his A+ certification. After a few months of being out of school, he had seen the light and made the switch to Information Technolgy. As of 2013 he is a senior at D'Youville College learning under the tutelage of Dr. Anthony G. Basile. With this new found knowledge, Johnathan has a new love for designing and manipulating operating systems in the Linux environment. Other areas Johnathan is interested in, involves MUD development(text base games), openGL and PHP. His ultimate goal is to help bring serious gaming to the Linux platform. When he is not writing code or learning new things, he enjoys spending time with his family and taking long walks on the beach!